From Unaware to Raving Fan

Understanding Audience Awareness for Maximum Impact

Leo Manzione

It’s taken a long time, but you think you FINALLY have the perfect messaging to connect with your target audience.

That’s great!

But here’s the big question:
Are they ready for you?

While you may think you’ve finally nailed down the best way to describe your offer and its benefits, your audience must be aware enough to feel the impact.

Eugene Schwartz’s groundbreaking book 
Breakthrough Advertising tells us that there are actually 5 Levels of Audience Awareness. As business owners trying to bring our solutions to a larger audience, it’s critical to understand where your audience members stand so you can adjust your messaging accordingly.

I recently hosted a webinar on this very important topic. You can watch the replay below:

We have to concentrate our efforts since they are always going to be limited.


5 Levels of Audience Awareness

  1. Unaware – These people don’t realize they have a problem.
  2. Problem Aware – They know they have a problem but don’t realize that there’s a solution.
  3. Solution Aware – They know about some solutions like yours but don’t know about yours in particular.
  4. Product Aware – They know your solution but haven’t purchased yet. They don’t know if your solution is right for them.
  5. Most Aware – They know your solution well and are loyal to your brand.

Given the range of understanding held by these different groups, it makes sense that our messaging would have to adjust depending on who we’re talking to. For example, you can see why it would be less helpful to notify unaware people of your latest promotional sale. Since they don’t know they even have an issue, shopping for your solution is probably far from their mind. A loyal, most aware individual, however, would probably be very glad to know of your latest discount.

Customizing Your Message

Therefore, it’s essential that we customize our messaging to speak to each group effectively and have the maximum impact. You can think of each category as a step in a staircase. Below are some tips for each category:

Staircase from Unaware to Most Aware


  1. Unaware – Show, educate, and entertain. Your main goal for this group is to hold their interest while increasing their awareness. Perhaps you can open their eyes to how their life could be – improvements they may never have thought about or thought to be possible. Your goal is to essentially move them up the spectrum so they understand they do in fact have a problem. Once they understand that, you can help them see how you hold the solution. 
  2. Problem Aware – Amplify pain and introduce the benefits of your solution. When people are problem aware, you want to stress the impact that problem is having on their life so they recognize the importance of fixing it. Since this group doesn’t necessarily even know that there is a solution, you want to review the benefits you can provide. Show them how great their life could be by taking charge (especially with your help) and making this problem a thing of the past.
  3. Solution Aware – Prove your product is the solution. Since this group knows about similar solutions but not yours in particular, you want to prove to them that you hold the solution they’ve been needing. This is a great time to show them how you stack up against the competition and why you are the best choice for them. Testimonials and stories of transformation (either your own transformation or one of your client’s) can be great tools here.
  4. Product Aware – Reinforce and expand on the benefits of your solution. Since these individuals know about your solution but haven’t purchased yet, you’ll want to do all you can to show them that your solution is right for them. Perhaps they don’t know all your solution can do for them. Maybe they don’t understand the full force of the impact making this choice could have on their life. Expand on what they think they already know about your offer and show them that whatever pain this problem is causing could be eliminated with your help.
  5. Most Aware – Introduce a deal or special offer. This is the easiest group to talk to as they already know, like, and trust you. They’ve seen the value you provide and they know your offer works. From this group you’re looking for repeat business so you’ll want to let them know of any special promotions, discounts, or new launches you have on the agenda.

Focus Your Efforts

While it’s helpful to know exactly how to connect with any group, it’s important to recognize that not all groups deserve our same attention – we have to concentrate our efforts since they are always going to be limit

It can be very expensive to educate an unaware market. Converting a totally unaware person who doesn’t know they have a problem into a raving fan who can’t get enough of your solutions is quite a journey. It’s usually expensive and time-consuming to help your audience along that path.

Instead, it’s often best to concentrate your marketing efforts on those who are at least problem aware. The return on investment you’ll see from connecting with these individuals will almost always outpace that of the unaware. So focus your efforts accordingly and reap the rewards.

Want hands-on help connecting with the different levels of your audience? Feel free to apply for one of my complimentary diagnostic sessions and we can review this concept and uncover anything else that might be holding your business back.


Talk soon,

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