Virtual Networking

How to Network in a Virtual World – Part 1

Leo Manzione

Have you ever attended networking meetings in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco within a 24 hour period? What about adding Sydney, New Delhi, and France to that list?

Previously? Unrealistic.
ight now? More realistic than ever before.

You see, these meetings used to be in-person so this tour would have required expensive airfare, hotel stays, and some sort of time machine to make it all possible within 24 hours. Now however, due to Covid-19, they’re all online and more accessible than ever.

At this very moment there are networking meetings happening all around the world that you could be joining from your laptop on your couch – pants optional.

So if you’re not already in the networking game, now really is one of the best times to get started. And if you’re already networking, it’s the perfect time to capitalize on the virtual climate and increase your reach:

If you’re not attending networking meetings online, you’re leaving money on the table.

Today we’re looking at two networking organizations that have moved their meetings online:

  1. ProVisors
  2. Business Network International (BNI)

Although we’ll compare and contrast these groups in future posts, here are two core distinctions:

BNI - Provisors Comparison Chart

While we’ll be exploring the benefits of these groups (and others like them) in future posts, today it’s all about time zones and why you should visit them all over the world. It’s never been easier and it may never be again.

Simply put: If you are a member of BNI or ProVisors and you’re not visiting other groups, you’re missing out. Even if you don’t want additional business, it’s an opportunity like never before.

Want to learn more about networking like a pro in the middle of a pandemic? Feel free to apply for one of my 
complimentary diagnostic sessions and we can review these concepts and uncover anything else that might be holding your business back.


Talk soon,

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