Covid Crisis Community with Chris Hanks: The Community Group Entrepreneurs Need Now

Leo Manzione

Are you feeling isolated right now? For business owners especially, navigating these times can feel overwhelming and lonely. But I promise, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I’m very happy to promote a group designed to help those that need it right now.

My good friend Chris Hanks, founder of the Institute for Entrepreneurship, has formed a community group of business owners called the Covid Crisis Community. They are meeting every week during this crisis to support each other through the chaos.

Whether you want support or want to offer it – you are welcome.

This weekly meeting is free so please share this with business owners you know who are struggling right now and need support and community.

To learn more, check out my discussion with Chris below:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - African Proverb

As Chris says, “In a group, I will make better decisions…[The Covid Crisis Community is] a group of business owners getting together, leaning on and learning from each other…a forum for business owners to give advice and get advice and help each other in a time where we’ve needed help possibly more than any other time.

Chris makes a great point when he says that being a business owner can be isolating in general, not to mention during the quarantine realities of Covid-19. Even under the best circumstances, it’s hard to find a forum to discuss your toughest issues and get help.

The Covid Crisis Community is focused on gathering like-minded individuals who are willing and able to support each other as they navigate the challenges in their businesses. A main focus of the group is accountability and challenging each other to push for more, with the ultimate goal of yielding better results and changing for the better.

The two main requirements for membership are….

  1. All members must be business owners.
  2. All members must commit to the group and the other people in the room. The group meets weekly for up to an hour, and will continue to do so until this crisis is over.

The group is free to join but is by invitation only. If you are interested, please reach out to Chris Hanks directly: 770-310-5705 or You can also comment on this post and I’ll help you get in touch with him.

Again, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Join him and other business owners working through this challenging time together.


Talk soon,


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