We coach business owners through their most difficult challenges and on to the successes they’ve always dreamed of.

I'm a Business Catalyst and Co-Owner of Montage. I live to help people succeed. Whether that's doubling annual income or making a vacation possible while the business continues to grow, I'm here to help!

Leo is a savant when it comes to identifying exactly where best to focus my efforts…I’ve been launching like a rocket at the nearest target since.

If you’re curious about the results? 2.5x revenue growth within 6 months and a predicted 4x+ increase for 2020. But those are just the numbers. It’s like a MasterCard commercial:
The Feeling Of Finding Your Passion And Bringing It To The World: PRICELESS.
For everything else, there’s Leo.

Brady Helkenn

Principal & Jedi Master, BH Tech Connection

I’ve been working with Leo Manzione…for nearly a year, and I can wholeheartedly say that it’s the best thing I’ve done for my business. Leo quickly zeroed in on my brand and what I’m trying to do with my business – he just got it. I have grown to trust his advice and value his opinion, and my business has grown exponentially as a result of working with him.

Lucy Milligan Wahl

Founder, LMW Edits

With Leo’s encouraging and steady guidance, we have better established our individual areas of responsibility, learned to become accountable to each other in productive and supportive ways, and become masters of our time, not victims of it. As a result, we smashed our first 90-day sales goal out of the park…Leo really helps by bringing a knowledgeable, outside perspective. He clues us in on what is possible and removes the need to re-invent wheels by solidifying the path of our intention with simple, proven methods, and creates a structure in which to achieve our goals.

Sara Dawson

CFO, Omnirax Furniture Company

Coach Leo has helped me feel more confident and empowered to build my business and recognize the impact that I have in my community.

Annette Blum

Founder, Annette Blum Pearson Leadership

Leo is a complete rockstar and really cares and it shows in his coaching. He is very wise and helps work out the challenges I’m going through with my business. They have a unique way of coaching that just works and it’s awesome! It’s the most positive vibe, experienced, knowledgeable, upbeat community of coaching I have ever experienced. Take the leap of faith, you’re in great hands!

Gregory Rocha

President, Rocha & Son Construction

Leo’s temperament, blend of professionalism and reliability, and expertise in business are world-class. In our first three weeks of working together, I quadrupled my hourly rate and closed with that rate. In three weeks. SERIOUSLY. I didn’t even know I could ask for that kind of money and get it.

Corey Padnos

Superhero Maker


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